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In a few words :

Hairstylist, native from Angers, I practice my profession since, already, more than thirteen years, which allows me to spotlight my passion and my creativity.

seven years ago, I moved to Paris to discover the artistic world of hairdressing and, above all, to give new impetus to my professional career. It is, also, for this reason that I created my own company, specialised in luxury hotels, events, mode and,  weddings.

I want to put my professionalism and my precision at your disposal to bring you, for an event or, simply, an evening, a magic and pleasant moment which will allow me to sublimate you according to your morphology.

So, do not hesitate and let yourself be tempted by the experience… !

I offer my talents as an artistic hairdresser for shows, shootings, events, weddings, etc...

I work, in parallel, in collaboration with more than fifteen Parisian palaces such as the famous Royal Monceau, Costes or, even, La Réserve. As part of my work, I meet French and international customers and I offer made to measure services answering all the desires as well as all the requirements.


-Alexandre de Paris "Mastery of the bride 2017"

-Myriam K " Mastery of smoothing brésilien/français 2018 "

-Les Maîtres Barbiers "Mastery of the beard art 2018"

- Florent debruxelles " Training woman cut 2019"

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